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Products – Armour Myanmar



PKV1001 Pork Belly With Skin
PKV1002 Pork Belly Without Skin
PKV1003 Pork Tenderloin
PKV1004 Pork Loin
PKV1005 Pork Rib
PKV1006 Pork Leg Chump
PKV1007 Pork Chop with Tenderloin
PKV1008 Pork Chop 2
PKV1009 Pork Chop Cut
PKV1010 Pork Ham
PKV1011 Pork Shoulder
PKV1012 Pork Collar
PKV1013 Pork Head
PKV1014 Pork Front Leg
PKV1015 Pork Front Leg (Burn)
PKV1016 Pork Fron Leg Without Foot
PKV1017 Pork Back Leg
PKV1018 Pork Back Leg (Burn)